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Consumers that find value in knowing who, what, when, where, and how their CBD and CBG hemp-infused products are crafted will appreciate the quality and transparency Method Organics provides to its customers.

We control every process that goes into our hemp-infused CBD and CBG products down to the soil the hemp thrives in. Method Organics works hand-in-hand with Northeast Hemp Commodities to produce a trustworthy, transparent, and innovative line of premium hemp-infused CBD and CBG wellness products.

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Cultivated and crafted to perfection.

Daily Oil Drops

Full-spectrum CBD and CBG oil drops are packed full of naturally occurring hemp cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and phytonutrients. Oil drops are a potent and fast-acting method of consumption ideal for consumers who seek high daily doses of CBD and/or CBG.

CBD Beverage Drops

Hemp-infused CBD beverages are now at your fingertips with our water-soluble CBD beverage drops. It is the ideal method of consumption for any consumer that dislikes sub-lingual drops or prefers to consume CBD discreetly throughout the day. Drip a few CBD beverages drops into your favorite water-based drink, and enjoy!

CBD Topical Salve

Aside from its soothing and refreshing scent, our salve is perfect for a variety of consumer CBD skin applications. Plus, it’s a stellar way to ease the body and mind after a solid day of work.

CBD Gummies

Hemp-infused CBD gummies are an easy and mouth-watering way to get a daily dose of CBD. Every bite is packed full of natural fruity flavors and contains 0% THC. These gluten-free, vegan, all-natural CBD gummies are a consumer favorite and an ideal method of consumption for a variety of consumers.

CBD Pet Oil Drops

Furry friends from across the country love our CBD oil drops for many of the same reasons we do. Our CBD pet oil drops are the best way to provide your friend with a proper daily CBD dosage. We even throw in an extra treat with our vegan chicken and bacon flavoring to keep our pets happy.

CBD Maple Sticks

A stellar midday snack or a premium addition to some morning pancakes. Drizzle our delicious hemp-infused CBD Vermont maple syrup over some waffles, pancakes, or even a biscuit to get the day started.

Premium Hemp Flower

Sun-grown in our beautiful hemp fields in the farmlands of Vermont, we hand select every hemp cultivar before it ever reaches our fields. Our hemp is grown with organic and sustainable farming practices to keep our soil full of natural nutrients. Every hemp bud is hang-dried, slow-cured, and hand-trimmed to perfection.

Hemp Pre-Rolls

We took the work out of the consumer’s hands and rolled up premium hemp flower into an organic rice paper for consumers to smoke on the go. Each pre-roll is hand-filled using our organic, kosher certified flower grown locally in Vermont.

Know Your Source

Vermont grown from seed to product

Method Organics works synergistically with Northeast Hemp Commodities to produce a trustworthy, transparent, and innovative line of premium CBD and CBG hemp products. We control the entire process from farm to table by formulating our CBD and CBG products using NEHC’s certified organic hemp material and oils, grown locally on our farms around Middlebury, Vermont. This partnership allows us to be completely transparent with the consumer and provide the quality assurances that are lacking in the CBD and CBG hemp marketplace.

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