Vermont Hemp Farming

About Our Farming Operations

Northeast Hemp Commodities farms land in central Vermont for the purpose of growing high% CBD  and CBG industrial hemp. In 2018 we grew 60 acres for a total processed poundage of 70,000 lbs. In 2019 we will be growing 300+ acres of our own, and consulting with a number of other parties to grow verified CBD and CBG hemp strains. Below are our core capabilities.
Genetic Selection
Producing the highest quality hemp products all starts with selecting the proper plants to grow. We rigorously vet all potential cultivars and chose only those that meet the highest standards for cannabinoid production, terpene profile, disease resistance, and vigorous growth. NEHC is constantly assessing new varieties to make sure we are growing the best available and to stay on the leading edge of what's possible with the amazing hemp plant.
Our focus on quality from seed to table means that overseeing all of our hemp cultivation is critical to ensuring the best results. We have established practices that meet Organic farming standards while maintaining strong economic viability for our farmers and put an emphasis on sustainable land management. With more crop land being put towards hemp every year we are always evolving best management practices to reflect the goals of high quality production, supporting local farmers and promoting healthy landscapes.
Harvesting & Drying
For those not in the industry it may be easy to overlook these steps, but correct harvesting and drying are a critical part of the process in ensuring a high quality product for consumers and a strong return on their investment for farmers. Hand harvesting still holds a place in the process for the purpose of selecting premium quality flower from the crop. However, the majority of harvesting is now done mechanically to improve efficiency, lowering the costs for consumers and farmers alike. Drying is a key step that must be carried out with care to preserve the integrity of the crop and properly prepare it for storage and further processing.
There are numerous ways to process hemp depending on the end goals, each with their own pros and cons. We utilize the cleanest methods available with Supercritical CO2 and food grade Ethanol to produce the highest quality cannabinoid rich extracts and concentrates. As well as standard extracts, we produce small batches of craft concentrates using a variety of solventless methods such as pressing rosin and dry sifting trichomes. In addition to our in house QAQC, all production batches are third party tested by certified labs to ensure quality and integrity of our products.

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