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Looking into the future, we knew it made sense to secure the proper facilities to handle such a tedious crop. NEHC has invested in strategic infrastructure to accommodate the influx of hemp being grown in Vermont. We have a 65,000 sq. foot facility that is the hub for our drying, storage, and future processing expansion. Between having invested in scalable, state of the art drying technology and harvest equipment that is able to safely handle the largest fields, NEHC is prepared to take on the 2019 season with you.


NEHC has the capability to take down the largest fields in Vermont. By closely studying, researching and networking with hemp farmers out west, we determined the best processes and equipment to accommodate hemp grown at scale. This year, NEHC is rolling out with multiple John Deere 8500 self propelled choppers, one custom harvesting unit, 2 different types of harvesting heads, as well as the Dens-X Orkel Baler. This baler utilizes compaction equipment to apply nearly 4300 psi to the bale, pressing oxygen out of the bale. This insures a proven shelf life of up to 11 months without drying. With an experienced team of operators, personnel and field tested technology, we are confident in the success of the 2019 harvest as well as our customers' success.

Minimum Criteria

With the limited amount for harvest season, NEHC needs to make sure certain criteria are met in order to justify the time and resources required. All of the questions in the inquiry are pertinent to the decision making process, please answer them completely and to the best of your ability. This will give us a more accurate scope of work, as well as speed up the process for both parties. With that in mind, questions will focus on the amount of acreage, strains, type of landscape, ease of accessibility for trucking and equipment, and any other variable that could affect the efficiency of the work being completed. If for some reason the criteria is not met by a certain individual, please do not get discouraged. We compile all information sent in. If we have a neighboring customer or are on route through your location, there is still an opportunity to have access to our services.


Due to the substantial costs associated with growing hemp, NEHC offers creative ways to make our services affordable. One of the options we offer for farms that qualify is a crop share. Once the product is harvested and baled, NEHC would assume ownership of a portion of the crop for the services provided. Without knowing the details of the crop in question, we emphasise the importance of completing all questionnaires in a timely manner and to the best of your ability.

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