Vermont Hemp Harvesting Services

About Our Harvesting Services

Northeast Hemp Commodities' main goal from the start of business has been to help the local Vermont farming community transition to hemp to diversify their crops. We grew our first 50 acres in 2018 and we gained valuable insight into the best ways to efficiently harvest hemp on an industrial scale. Going into the fall of 2019, we are poised and determined to put our experience and know how to the test for Vermont hemp farmers.

We have developed a harvesting services program that we believe will have an impact on the protection of Vermont hemp crops. In order for us to have a discussion regarding your crops, we need information about the specifications of your crops. Please take a moment to fill out step 1 in our application process. After we review your first submission, we will determine if your crop is suitable for our program. If it is, we will send you a link to step 2 which will be a more detailed questionnaire. If it isn't a match we will let you know. 

NEHC has invested in multiple facilities and strategic infrastructure to focus on being an important resource for Vermont hemp farmers this fall.  We have an 80,000 sq. foot secure facility in Fair Haven that we use for processing, drying and storage. We used this facility in the fall of 2018 for our harvest of 65,000 pounds of high cbd hemp. We will continue to use this facility for our own 200 acre crop, as well as use it for our harvesting services plan.
NEHC will use a combination of John Deere 8500 self propelled choppers, stripper heads, and Orkel Dens-x balers to safely harvest crops, bale them and dry them. Each service, harvest/bale/dry requires either a cash payment or a portion of the crop as exchange for services. Bales are packed to 3000 psi, weigh up to 2200 pounds and will stay protected for a year until a drying plan can be put into place. In this way, we hope to be able to save as many acres from spoilage as possible. We have an experienced team of operators and logistics personel whom you can safely trust to get the job done right.
Minimum Criteria
As much as we would like to be able to harvest all hemp crops that are in need, we must make sure crops, fields and farmers meet a standard of criteria for selection. If we are committing our expensive equipment and man power to a farmer or group of farmers, we must be sure those farmers are producing a viable and attractive crop. We must also make sure the fields are accessible for our large equipment and haul trucks. Additionally we have to assure that there is ample acreage to warrant the trip to a particular area in Vermont. By filling out this form, we will be able to determine through 2 surveys, the viability of a given crop.

We know farmers have a lot invested in their hemp crops, in time and money. We also realize that many farmers will not be in a cash position to pay for our services. Although we will offer our services for a fee, we are also offering the use of our services in exchange for a portion of the crop being harvested. For harvesting, we will take 10% of the crop. For baling we will take 10% of the crop. For drying we will take 10% of the crop. For all three services we will take 30% of the crop total. The remaining percentage of the crop will be left with the farmer.

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