Tell Us More About Your Vermont Hemp Crop

In order for us to determine if your crop meets our criteria for selection, please fill out the form on this page. We will review the submission and reply with either a letter determining that it's a good fit for us and request more information, or we will send an email saying it is not a good fit for our operation. Below are the basic steps in the process:

  1. Inquiry comes in through this form
  2. Information is analyzed for compatibility with our operation
  3. Customer is replied to with a yes or a no. If yes, more information will be supplied, along with crop testing protocols.
  4. NEHC begins testing procedures
  5. If tests reveal a compatible crop, an agreement is drawn up and proposed
  6. For services, NEHC will take a 10% share for each service, harvesting and baling, or a cash fee can be discussed