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Controlling Common Hemp Pests and Diseases Organically - Part I

There is a prevalent myth that Cannabis is pest and disease free.  In fact, nearly 100 fungal pathogens, numerous bacteria,
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Beat The Weeds! The Care and Feeding of Organic High-CBD Hemp

The hard work of planting thousands of hemp seedlings into carefully cultivated fields will soon be over. We've come a long
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7 Best Tips for Planting Organic Vermont High CBD Hemp

Vermont is New England's largest hemp-derived CBD producer with an estimated 6,000 acres registered for 2019, and for most
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Selling Vermont Grown Organic Hemp? Here are Some Things You Should Know.

It’s the end of May and chances are, if you’re a high-CBD hemp farmer you’ve been planning your crop for months; talking to
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What’s the Best CBD Delivery Method?

The biggest challenges CBD consumers face is determining answers to the following questions: What is the best CBD product
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