What’s the Best CBD Delivery Method

The biggest challenges CBD consumers face is determining answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately for the consumer CBD affects individuals differently, and therefore each individual must use a bit of trial and error to determine the best amount and delivery system for them. In an effort to help consumers get started on a routine that works best, we can answer a few of these questions broadly.

What is the best CBD product to take?

The best CBD product to take depends on the person. Products include capsules, tinctures, creams, edibles, patches, infused drinks, vape pens and more. Many people find the capsules to be a great way to get daily CBD, but the effects of capsules can take take a little more time to feel. Tinctures have a relatively quick effect because they are placed sublingually (under the tongue) which allows for more rapid entry into the bloodstream. If someone is in need of quick relief, they might find that smoking CBD works best for them. So the conclusion might be that for daily wellness, a capsule or tincture could work best.

For on the spot treatment of sore muscles, a CBD salve might be the best option. This delivery method works wherever a person needs relief most and quickly. CBD gummies can be a fun way to reach the desired milligram dosage on a daily basis. They are convenient and good tasting products for CBD on the go. One product that works as a daily wellness regimen and as a fast reliever is CBD nano drops. These drops are water soluble and can be added to any beverage, smoothy, coffee, tea, beer, wine, or any other drink. If you asked me if I could only have one CBD product for the rest of my life, it would be cbd nano drops. I find them to be fast acting and convenient.

What is the difference between Full-spectrum extract and CBD isolate?

Another subtlety in the CBD world is determining whether to use CBD isolate or a full-spectrum CBD product. Guess what? This also depends on the person. A CBD isolate product contains none of the other molecules in the hemp or cannabis plant, only CBD. This means there is no trace of THC in the product. Some people have the need and or desire to use CBD products with zero trace of THC in them. That means they want to use a CBD isolate product. If they don’t mind having trace amounts of THC in the product and or believe that CBD is most effective when combined with the other natural molecules in the plant, then they will opt for a full-spectrum product. Any person who gets regularly drug tested but wants to find relief from CBD would want to choose an isolate based product.

How much CBD should I take?

Lastly, people are unsure how much CBD to take daily. We are not able to recommend daily doses for people, as there has not been enough research to conclude the recommended daily dose. The FDA has not approved the amount nor have they determined the effectiveness of CBD products. All we can go on are the many compelling testimonials from CBD users. Personally, I find that taking about 30mg per day on a regular basis helps me. I increase that amount if I’m particularly sore, anxious our need a good night’s sleep.

Hopefully this information helps consumers determine the right place to start for them personally. Try a few products to see what works. Set a base amount of mg per day and adjust from there.

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